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Sunday, September 27, 2009

God's perspective.

There are two questions that plays on my mind nowadays. I've read these questions many times from various psychology books, yet I am not so certain with my answers. Maybe because the questions require non-academic answer so it took me sometime thinking on how to answer it. The questions are so simple yet complicated that goes like this;

How do you see yourself?
How other people sees you?

Sometimes we are too exaggerated to narrate how we see ourselves. Specially when you are confident enough to say, "hey... I'm this...I'm that..." because we regard ourselves as accomplish person. But the second question is too alarming that you have to research about. We really do not know how other people sees us.

In Old and New Testaments, we can overview some factual experiences which are relevant to our times. Their immediate judgment is base upon their senses. Say for example you came from Galilee or Samaria, you are regarded as no good person. It is trivial. It's like saying the, "You need not go to that place or not to mingle with those people because they are this... they are that..."base upon their senses.

But you know brothers and sisters, God's way is different.

Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us that "His thought are higher than us and so as His ways". He makes the weak strong, and the strong into weaklings. He makes the laughters a mourning to those who are proud of themselves. He uses those who have no capability to present themselves in front of the people to put to shame those who are schooled. The beatitudes reflect God's perspective.

Do you know who you are in front of God?
Will you believe me if I say, "God loves you because you are His masterpiece?

God knows us better. Even when we are yet in the womb of our loving mother, God knows us already. Whatsoever weakness we have and even how other people might regard us, it doesn't matter to Him at all. What matters most is His wonderful plan for each one of us thats why he keeps us on the track to fulfill it.

We are special on God's sight.